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Niggas got me hot mane.

So we’re making a hip-hop track in my audio production class so we could learn how to mix and compress the track so it doesn’t sound like shit and we were trying to figure out where we want to set our hi-hats or whatever and this white dude was like ” we should do 2 eighth notes 4 sixteenth and then 16 thirty second notes (clearly referencing trap music) cause thats how “THEY” do it, and he used fucking air quotes and looked around at his other fucking waspy friends and started laughing and giggling with each other like it was some fucking ignorant 2nd class citizen, third world music or some shit. I’m the only person of color in the class and I’m sitting in the front with my hood on and my dreads wrapped so they didn’t know if it was me who was there and I immediately looked back at him and I was like “who they fuck is they and what the fuck does that mean? Hip Hop is one of the most culturally rich and universal forms of music today, you’re fucking ignorant if you think the shitty fucking 4/4 house music you make is has any cultural significance, weight or purpose other then getting fucked up on synthetic drugs and being an asshole. Dudes had nothing to say, didn’t even say “sorry bro, didn’t mean it like that” or any of that shit. He just looked around and confused and shit like he couldn’t comprehend what had just happened.

Not dealing with this bullshit anymore.

Homeboy Sandman is my dude.

I can be down with a rapper who makes Georgia O’Keefe references